How it all began

How it all began

Warning: this story contains references to human rumps

The story of Peach and Moon is a brilliant pretty normal tale. Peach met Moon one wintry evening in Cape Town. Click here to see the first e-mail Moon wrote Peach. You can read her promising response here. After a rather odd first date, Peach invited Moon out again - this time with two rats she was caring for, acting as chaperones. Moon even wrote a poem about them, which you can read here. And so it went... 

Peach and her family called the new boy Moon Bum – curious since his rump is rather small. Perhaps it came from the moon-like colour of the area where his legs plugged into his torso, or perhaps it was some sort of Magic Faraway tree reference… They refuse to tell him. Once Moon Bum found out his name, he decided to copy his new friend, and called her Peach Bum.

Peach and Moon would spend their days coming up with ridiculous amazing business ventures. These included ideas like interpretive dance classes, a naked cooking show and pornographic sounding perfume & cosmetic ranges, always introduced with the phrase ‘New, from Peach & Moon.’

And then…

 Things got real and they made the biggest mistake best decision of their lives. And so it was born – Peach & Moon Organics.

Peach & Moon wanted to create something special. Something natural, that didn’t put all sorts of crap, like chemicals and parabens, into your body.

Needing a place to grow their organic ingredients, Peach & Moon forced Moon’s brother to hand over the farm. They let the brother and Jaap stay and grow the stuff they needed though. You can read more about the farm here.

Cannabis (CBD & hemp oil - the parts that absolutely can’t make you high) is the cornerstone of the Peach & Moon Organics brand. Peach & Moon are very passionate about cannabis and all of its uses and benefits. You can read more here, but you are encouraged to conduct your own research too.

 ‘We have a lot of friends who suffer from all manner of skin conditions, allergies and  various ailments, so we developed our brand with them in mind. We hope to make new  friends soon.’
-Peach & Moon, 2017-

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Picture: Interpretive dance
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Sarah - October 30, 2017

Love! Love! Love! More Moon poetry please:-) I just got my bottle of olive oil and I am SO excited!

Jeannie - October 4, 2017

This is such a sweet story and a really cool start to a much longer story:-) ‘The area where his legs plugged into his torso’ – hahahahaha!

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