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  • How it all began
    September 22, 2017

    How it all began

    Warning: this story contains references to human rumps

    Peach and Moon would spend their days coming up with ridiculous amazing business ventures. These included ideas like interpretive dance classes, a naked cooking show and pornographic sounding perfume & cosmetic ranges, always introduced with the phrase ‘New, from Peach & Moon.’

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  • Rats! Poetry by Moon
    September 20, 2017

    Rats! Poetry by Moon

    There once was a rat, he was very very fat, his owners called him Comrade. His brother was slimmer, his eyes more a-glimmer, he certainly was not called Comrade.   Comrade had anxiety, caused by society, he liked to eat on...

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  • She was so fluffy
    September 20, 2017

    She was so fluffy

    Peach attempts a love letter:  The "winy plavce" sounds interesting.  Photo: Peach captured doing her favourite thing - hanging out alone 

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  • It begins!
    July 15, 2017

    It begins!

    We don't have time to write a blog, damnit! We're too busy making beautiful, healthy products!

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