Original Love Letters

Original Love Letters

Well hello! 

 Here is a poem I wrote (I took liberties with “met” and “food” for the sake of rhyming you understand)

 I met a girl so smart and so fine
Got her number and asked her to dine

Behold! she agreed to wine and food
Could it be? Oh happy mood!

Later on - like a fool
I dropped my phone into the pool

In the shallows I dived under
Panicked I had lost her number

I screamed in horror, so shrill, so loud
I had not backed up to the cloud.

 I am concerned about your unnatural kindness to old men. Old people can be turned into glue and lamp oil and what better service to society can there be? Cats will only draw the elderly and infirm towards you - try and reduce the cats to only one by feeding them to said elderly.

 I certainly do not want you to be nervous - that’s my job. Friday early evening would be grand. I will work on a place that is not too noisy, not too romantic, not too full of hipsters. What do you drink? Then I can narrow it down to a winy plavce of craft beery place or fruit juice stand.

 I have borrowed a phone - not to make it mine!


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