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  • Bulk oil & water-soluble CBD options
  • Wholesale finished CBD products
  • White label CBD products

Peach & Moon specialises in water-soluble CBD for beverages, food and cosmetics. We searched for two years for a water-soluble CBD that was not an isolate, did not leave a film on the product and had no taste, smell or colour. When we found it we quickly snapped up the Southern African distribution rights. This CBD is micro-encapsulated in vegetable protein and has very high bioavailability. 

Our happy customers include Bos Ice Tea, One-Juice and Red Dane.


- 100% water-soluble

- No taste, smell or colour in the final product

- Can withstand boiling point and pasteurisation (virtually no other CBD can do this)

- Incredible bioavailability (you need less product for more effect).

- Not an isolate (isolates have stripped out all the terpenes and cannabinoids, tend to be of spurious origin and are not as effective).