Rockhaven Farm

Rockhaven Farm

Rockhaven Farm  sits in the Groot Winterhoek Mountains above Porterville in the Western Cape, South Africa. Rockhaven is owned by Andrew (brother of Moon), Jaap and Grant.

The farm is the most picturesque farm I have ever clapped eyes on (I swear I’m not biast). In fact, one of my favourite memories took place there in 2016 – it was when Moon became a member of the half-moon club (no, that is not how he got his name, and you can read about that here). Like a nana who had never shot a gun, he managed to split his forehead with the recoil from a .308, getting eight stitches to the brow. Peach (that’s me) still laughs hysterically when reminiscing about this day, and secretly thinks Andrew meant it as a lesson for his little brother, which makes me like him even more.

We love the farm so much, and you can see why by taking a look at our YouTube Channel.

Rockhaven Farm produces our olive oil, essential oils and honey – all organic certified!  The essential oils are all steam-stilled right on the farm. The olives are milled in nearby Riebeeck Kasteel, and the oil is then bottled on the farm. Somehow, we always manage an afternoon nap when there during harvest (don’t tell Jaap).

You can really see the passion and love that has gone into making Rockhaven such an incredible organic farm, which forms part of the Groot Winterhoek Conservancy. We are so very lucky and days spent at Rockhaven really help put life into perspective.

The farm is home to many creatures that we rarely see these days, including leopard and honey badgers (and Andrew of course). See our Insta feed or Facebook page for pics!

Peachandmoon organic farm

Photo: The Lesser Spotted Andrew 
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