Neurodegenerative diseases (Huntington's and Parkinson's)

Neurodegenerative diseases (Huntington's and Parkinson's)

While Huntington's and Parkinson's have different origins, both affect the part of the brain which controls movement. PD can cause tremors, slowed movement, rigidity, and impaired balance and coordination. HD has genetic origins and affects movement, cognition and mood. Evidence suggests that cannabinoids can be very effective as treatment for this class of disorder as they are able to suppress the excitotoxicity , glial activation (a source of centralised pain), and oxidative injury that causes neural degeneration. They work on multiple levels as neuroprotectants that potentially slow progression of these diseases, while also treating a number of the symptoms. 

 Research has shown that CBD has a demonstrated ability to recover memory deficits induced by brain iron accumulation, which is involved in the pathogenesis of a number of neurological diseases. It can also improve the function of mitochondria cells and activate the clearance of debris, further encouraging neuron health. In addition, CBD may help patients experiencing neurodegenerative-related psychosis. 

THC (we do not sell THC as it is currently illegal in SA) has also been shown to help in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases by protecting against damage caused by free radicals and activating the formation of new mitochondria. 

For improving symptoms, products with varying ratios of CBD to THC have been shown to produce significant improvements in motor impairments, bradykinesia, tremors, pain and sleep.

Studies on PD patients found a measurable improvement in well-being after one week of treatment with CBD. 

Studies have shown that CBG (in our CBD) has promise as a neuroprotectant with numerous beneficial actions on brain health. 

Using CBD 

We suggest using our CBD Plus or our CBD Plus (pen). 1-3 squirts of CBD Plus during the day, or 1-2 pumps of our CBD Plus (pen) which ends up being more economical for higher doses. If you take 2 doses of CBD Plus, it is more economical to get the CBD Plus (pen)  If you take our CBD 800 use standard to macro dosages (this can get quite expensive).

Varieties high in mycrcene , such as our CBD Plus are effective in treating anxiety.