Bianca has been a Peach and Moon customer since 2018. She contacted us to see if our CBD Oil could help her epilepsy. Bianca's epilepsy was extreme and she often had ten to twelve seizures a week. Having that many seizures is debilitating for anyone and Bianca's medication was not suppressing them effectively.

Bianca says: "I had epilepsy as a child, but it subsided through my teens. In my 20's It returned. To be honest I was devastatedI had gone through various medications, which all caused partial insomnia and made me an unbearable person to deal with in the morning". 

Bianca contacted Peach & Moon and started on our CBD 800 Oil, taking a few drops three times per day. After two weeks she added one squirt of our CBD Plus to her regiment each morning.

"After taking the CBD I had a good nights sleep of 12 hours and was unrecognizable by my parents, as I had greeted them with a smile and a 'good morning'."

Slowly Bianca's daily seizures started reducing. After a few more weeks her seizures were down from 12 week to one a week! Bianca can now sometimes go for an entire week without a seizure.

"I have managed to get only one seizure a week, instead of multiple a day. I also sleep so well".

The change is incredible and she has even started driving in short stints, something you cannot do when a seizure can strike at any second.

Bianca's success story is not an abnormality. America's FDA approved the very first official cannabis medication for epilepsy in 2018, called Epidiolex

Please Note:

CBD Oil is not classified as a medicine in South Africa. Therefore our CBD is not sold as a cure, treatment or prevention to any condition, disease or ailment. You should always consult your doctor before taking CBD.  



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Below is an image from an epilepsy study showing the reduction is seizures.