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Organic / Undiluted / 100% pure

We sell four varieties of Helichrysum: Petiolare, Odoratissimum and Splendidum.

- Use for sports massage and spasms, cramps, abdominal pain

- Anticoagulant (blood thinner)

- Can reduce allergies

- Antiphlogistic (Reduces fever)

- Can reduce coughs stimulated by phlegm and allergies

- Expectorant (loosens the deposition of phlegm)

- Mild antiseptic 

- Promotes the discharge of bile into the stomach and helps to neutralize acids

- Moisturiser

- Diuretic 


If you are not sure which variety you want, pick Helichrysum Petiolare, also known as the silver-bush everlasting flower, licorice-plant or kooigoed.


- Used to treat rheumatism


- Use as a perfume

- Insect repellent

WARNING: Helichrysum is an anticoagulant (blood thinner), those who have undergone surgery or have chances of internal hemorrhaging should avoid using it.

Our organic certified Helichrysum is grown on our farm in the Western Cape of South Africa. The word “helichrysum” comes from Latin and Greek roots, meaning “gold spiral.”

Organic Certification by KIWA BCS Germany (ZA-BIO-141)