Skin Conditions (includes Acne, Dermatitis, Psoriasis)

Just as the endocannabinoid network facilitates homeostasis in various systems of the body, these same receptors are found in cutaneous cells (cells relating to the skin). They maintain the immune competence of the skin as well as the proper well-balanced proliferation, differentiation, and survival of skin cells. The disruption of this delicate balance might facilitate the development of multiple pathological conditions and diseases of the skin (for example, acne, seborrhea, allergic dermatitis, itch and pain, psoriasis).

Cannabinoids are well-known for their role in in regulating inflammation and it appears that this role may be key to their ability to treat eczema and psoriasis. Studies have reported that highly concentrated cannabinoid-based creams were effective for itching. When applied topically, compounds in cannabis bind to cell receptor's in the skin's immune cells and treat allergic reaction on the skin - because cannabinoids are immunosuppressant, they dampen the overactive immune response causing the inflammatory rash. The skin has the highest amount and concentration of CB2 receptors in the body. 

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease also characterised in part by epidermal keratinocyte hyper proliferation.  Researchers concluded 'our results show that cannabinoids inhibit keratinocyte proliferation, and therefore support a potential role for cannabinoids in the treatment of psoriasis'. 

CBD appears to treat acne by inducing sebocyte apoptosis, and a number of other terpenes present in cannabis may offer complementary activity (CBD 800 and CBD Plus are whole plant extracts containing  terpenes and terpenoids). Limonene (in our CBD Plus) has been shown to inhibit Propionibacterium acnes (at a potency higher than triclosan). Pinene also inhibits P. acnes, and linalool suppresses inflammation in response to acne (found in Peach and Moon CBD). 

Using CBD 

CBD can be very effective in treating skin conditions. Please contact us about a specially made topical for your condition. We suggest a topical cannabis salve as well as CBD taken internally. 

You can use either CBD 800 or CBD Plus - there is no cut and dried answer over which one is better and some people prefer one over the other. 

If you are using CBD 800, use the micro to standard dose. If you are using CBD Plus, start with one-two pumps in the morning, and depending of the effect you may want to up the dose. If you are using both, start with one dose of CBD Plus in the morning and micro dose with CBD 800 at night. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dosages, and you will need to monitor the effects. We suggest keeping a diary to do this, since you may need to tweak your dosages. Always start with a micro dosage to check sensitivity.