Children and CBD

 Treating children

If CBD is going to work for your child then CBD Plus is the product to try. It is water soluble which means you can add it to any beverage for your child. This product comes in a pump bottle. One pump would be too much for an initial dose though, so you would have to open the bottle and use a pipette for dosages (we will send you a pipette).

Give your child one pipette drop per day (as mentioned, you need to open the pump bottle and use the pipette not the pump mechanism). Mix this drop into any beverage and give it to your child in the morning. Monitor your child on one drop for 4-6 days. You can then go up to one drop administered twice per day (7-8 hours apart). You would monitor your child on this for 4-6 days. You can then go up to two drops administered in the morning and one drop in the early afternoon.  After 4-6 days, your child can take two drops in the morning and two drops in the early afternoon. After 4-6 days you can go up to three drops in the morning and two drops in the afternoon (at this point your child is taking 1 squirt).

We have kept these dosage suggestions extremely conservative, and effects can take time, so monitor your child carefully over a good period of time before making adjustments. 

If you see an excellent response, then there is no need to go up in the dosage range. It is important that you keep a detailed diary and note when you give your child the dosage, how many drops you give your child and how they are throughout the day.  

Please note that we suggest consulting with your doctor. This is especially important if your child is taking other medication.